About Me

I am Matthew Latham. I am a high school student who attends Governor Mifflin High School. Currently, I am a Senior. I also attend Berks Career Technology Center for Computer Systems, Networking & Security.

I love to spend my time home-labbing with my equipment. I try to run a replica corporate network. Simulating what Systems Administrators run inside of a network you would find inside small to medium businesses

Currently I am working towards obtaining my CCNA 200-301. My goal is to pass by December. I love both sides of the current IT field. I love the idea of being a Systems Administrator, making sure the day-to-day operations of computers are working smoothly and securely. Being a Network Administrator or Network Engineer also peeks my interest. Creating large scale networks that clients can access that offers good performance and security. Thankfully, I still am young, and I still am learning both paths. I do not know which direction I want to go in for my career, but I love doing both!