Matthew R. Latham

Quality-oriented high school student with a strong passion for helping others. Student minded, I never let learning opportunities slip away from me. I am always looking for ways to learn.

About Me

I am a young student who is invested in the world of IT. I have experience in computer repair, computer troubleshooting and small device repair. I have an internship with my Highschool, assisting with the duties of the computer helpdesk.

My true passion is Networking. My future goal in life is to become a Network Administrator for a large corporation, or a Network Engineer. I spend a lot of my free time at home labbing and messing around with my equipment. I love being able to experiment with different technologies or different skills. I always ask myself questions like “If I did this, what would happen” and so I try it out on my equipment at home. Better to break something in the lab environment than on a production network 🙂

So far, I have passed the CompTIA A+ and TestOut Network Pro certification exams. In the future I plan on taking my CCNA